Nucleya - Dhoop ft. Vibha Saraf | DNB Edit

Category: Entertainment, Duration: 4:52, 1261 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Deadwalk on 2017-10-09T11:56:22.000Z i wont lie i am not a huge fan of Nucleya but i recently saw his documentary roots and was totally amazed by how this guy kept going on and grinding even after hitting rock bottom so many times. I also have the same story. An introvert kid with very less friends locking myself in my room for hours making music in hope same some day it will all make sense. Nucleya is known as the king of bass/EDM music in india. I akso want to be the face of Drum & Bass here in India and take EDM scene in India to the world. Here is one of many chapters in this journey. Hope you guys like it. Nucleya:- Deadwalk- snapchat:- djdeadwalk