City Slums | Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE | Tee J & Hectik | FAM.O.U.S Crew x Ujwal Gupta

Category: Entertainment, Duration: 2:40, 290790 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by FAM.O.U.S CREW on 2017-10-21T13:32:59.000Z For the very 1st time in FAM.O.U.S Crew's history, we present to you, the DEADLIEST Combination - TEE J & HECTIK's Version of 'City Slums' by Raja Kumari ft. Divine! Shot by - Ujwal & Prashant contact : [email protected] Youtube : instagram : If you liked the video please hit the thumbs up, share the video & SUBSCRIBE! For bookings: [email protected] & [email protected] Dancers: Tee J - Hectik - Follow our social media for all things FAM.O.U.S: Facebook - Instagram - OTHER MEMBERS: Abhishek Das (Leader) - Killa Choc - Supahit - Pratik - Prithvi - It's HERE and we know y'all we were Desperately Waiting for our Version of City Slums! Took YEARS for us to see them together in one video, but they say that everything happens at the right time! And we believe IT WAS TIME for them to Collaborate! This Video Just Happened so instantly. Few days ago while rehearsing for another crew video, we were all sitting a chilling and listening to this track and we went CRAZY! Tee J and Hectik instantly Decided to make a kickass video with our very own, the insanely talented, Ujwal Gupta and his team. We love y'all SOOOOOOOO much. Normally FAM.O.U.S doesn't dance to trending songs unless the track is really really good, but you best believe that THIS TRACK is way way way too dope for us to not do it. The lines, the music, the flava, the vibe is LIT as hell! Mad props to our favorites DIVINE and RAJA KUMARI for coming with a Track that is moving the whole Nation! Seeing Them Together in the Video, all we could imagine was a TEE J × HECTIK kinda combination. FAM.O.U.S Forever