CITY SLUMS (Exult yowl remix)|Divine and Rajakumari|Mokshda choreography ft. H.V.C,Mansi,Aakanksha

Category: Entertainment, Duration: 3:8, 344208 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Mokshda Jailkhani on 2017-10-20T17:02:14.000Z Choreography to the track 'city slums' (exult yowl remix) by Divine and Rakumari, (original music owned by Sony music india) featuring my dance fam Higher Vision crew from Delhi, along with Aakanksha and Mansi. This is just a creative interpretation of the artists’ music and we own no rights. Enjoy ! PLEASE NOTE: Appropriate precautions,permission and security measures were taken while shooting on the road, railway track, overhead bridge etc. Kindly do not replicate without precaution, pemission, and/or supervision.