500 Subscriber Celebration | The Top 10 Best Minecraft Beta 1.7 Seeds | Best Seeds #18 Bonus Episode

Category: Pets & Animals, Duration: 10:45, 108615 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Turtle Gaming on 2011-03-20T11:07:56.000Z btw another sweet seed is heaven check it out!=) Songs: Radical Face - Welcome Home , Oasis Wonderwall Questions Version , Bassnectar Magical World feat Nelly furtado names to Copy: -77+1001 ; 10110101 ; -1784338777788894343 ; 4042531831790214307 ; gargamel ; Glacier ; kreuzi4live ; MYST ; uhohsurprisebuttsecks ; Wave Race 64 Sooo.... I HAVE TO THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 500 Subs =)! i jsut looked at my older videos and also on the itnernet to find only the real amazing epic breathtaking nice best worlds /world i could find and putted them into 1 video just to say thank you to you guys i hope u enjoyed the video found the seed of ur dreams and liked the music this was really some work also it showcases my channel pretty good i think so could u help me to get this video more viral? like ti fav it show it to persons u know that enjoy minecraft or jsut like watching videos as always make sure to subscribe for more top3 seed episodes, Lets Plays and alot of other stuff with gaming im planing and waiting to hear requests from you guys! thanks for watching and reading this message love turtle ;)