Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan's Theme ~ Occupation of Balmorra [Extended w/ DL Link]

Category: Music, Duration: 15:30, 2517813 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Alkahest on 2013-10-29T01:46:10.000Z Before we begin, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life, and all the gifts which I've been given in it, including the ability to make this extension. Your name be glorified, my Savior, even in something as small as this. Amen. MP3 Link: Images taken from: "I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing." Greetings, viewers! 'Tis I, Alkahest, your light-side aligned, mask-wearing host, who is veiled in mystery, and armor, and heavy robes, and if you're asking yourself how I breathe or eat, just repeat to yourself: it's a web show, you should really just relax! For Amateur Extension Theater 2000... *guitar twang* Ahem. Let's get on with it, then, shall we? "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is an MMO. That's all I know about it, and since I'm not big on MMOs, all I really care to know. Apparently, the famed Revan from the "Knights of the Old Republic" game series makes an appearance in it, as a boss I suppose? This particular theme is tied to him in some way; I'm going to call it "Revan's Theme" at the advice of the friend who suggested I consider extending it. (Though I am now told this is technically the 'Ending of the Occupation of Balmorra' theme. Hmm, the friend said it was Revan fight related, so... yeah. Now y'know.) Composition of TOR's music is credited to Mark Griskey, Gordy Haab, Jesse Harlin, Lennie Moore, and Wilbert Roget, II -- not sure who's responsible for this particular theme, but they did a splendid job with it. It has power, it has dramatic flair... it has eerie latin-ish chanting voices! Perfect for a boss theme. That said, there is also a feeling of melancholy that pervades the track; if Revan's a boss, I suppose this must be played at his last stand, or the like. Ah, Boss NPCs have a sad lot in life, being hacked to bits and shot to cinders, day in, day out, over, and over, and over again... it's safe to say they've been made to suffer. Ah well. I imagine viewers of my show should be quite accustomed to suffering by this point! And speakin' of my show, next on AET2k, it's some positively ghoulish music from King's Quest II (AGD): Romancing the Stones, with "Devastator" from 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations to finish today's broadcast off in style! I hope you'll enjoy. Take care, and God bless. Disclaimer: This MP3 extension was uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, and in no way profits me. All rights are reserved to their respective creators, and videos are subject to removal per their request. Observation: a series of games starring HK-47 would have been a far better investment of a company's creative energies and monetary resources. Apparently, this all too obvious fact has sadly eluded the notice of the fluid-filled bipeds.