Mia Hackworth, prepreliminary championship round, Upper Great Lakes Regionals

Category: Sports, Duration: 2:11, 1047 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Mia Hackworth on 2011-10-22T03:09:49.000Z So Mia gets first in her qualifying round! We got to stay at the Doubletree for one more night. I asked what her skating goal was for the next skate. Mia, "to land both of my axels!" That was a great goal. And she achieved it! But in the excitement of landing the second axel, she lost focus and lost her combination spin as well (camel-backsit). I just had to laugh. She met her goal! And next time in Dallas in April, we are hoping for a clean skate. She knows she can hang with the best skaters in the region, land hard jumps, look beautiful on the ice and smile through the triumphs and falls. And out of 67 prepreliminary skaters, she placed 8th! Not bad for a kid who 3 weeks ago couldn't even land one axel. We are so very proud of her!