Dismissed as 'Irish folly' But Actually an "IGNORED" Genuine Atlantic-style Pyramid? IE Canaries?

Category: Education, Duration: 13:44, 33616 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Charles Kos on 2017-03-26T06:47:58.000Z Armchair archaeology... I was looking over some 'follies'. Namely, the work of 17-19th century gentlemen with too much time on their hands. They would design their elaborate formal gardens (now mostly extinct) while adding ancient ruins and grottoes... The pyramid described in this video, at the location known as The Neale, is clearly an ancient Atlantic-Style pyramid, possibly repaired rather than built, by a local laird. This vid is also a bit of a guide into rough-and-ready armchair archaeology, how anyone can do it to find out archaeo-astronomical alignments for anything, how to look up anything on google maps, etc. About Atlantic Pyramids, (Also Mauritius). Found in: * Azores * Sicily * (Now) Ireland * The Canaries * Mauritius (Indian Ocean). * Gympie (Australia, see much newer video!) Researchers into these particular pyramids include, recently, Antoine Gigal as well as Thor Heyerdahl. I had no idea until a few days ago these were not north-south facing! They face the solstices! So interesting! This means that these people, in the 'west' of Europe, whose traditions we obviously inherited in starting our year with the winter solstice, inherited a solstice yearly tradition. People such as the pyramid builders of Lower Egypt, by contrast, inherited a tradition in which the year started with the Equinoxes. We can do simple archaeoastronomical tests as well, to see which way these monuments are pointing, simply by looking at the solar movements for a particular latitude. Ancient structures usually point to solar events but more rarely, lunar ones as well. All videos: http://whatisgiza.com/ I now have a second channel. Self-help tips for success! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZBlwLbe40Ohjc9FH12LkLA Subbing would be much appreciated!