Zac Efron Interview - The Lucky One World Premiere Sydney Australia (With Transcript)

Category: Entertainment, Duration: 1:19, 7135 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Luxe & Bliss on 2012-04-09T15:18:51.000Z Hollywood heartthrob, Zac Efron, is in Sydney to begin his world tour for his latest film, 'The Lucky One'. He attended the world premiere alongside his director, Scott Hicks. I was lucky enough to get to interview both Zac and Scott. Sorry the audio is terrible, I simply cannot compete with hundreds of screaming girls when my mic on my phone failed to work! Here is a transcript of my interview. There were a few words here and there I couldn't quite hear, but this is pretty spot on. Zac: Hi. Me: Hi Zac, nice to meet you, welcome to Australia. Zac: Thank you. Me: So I've just been talking to your director Scott, he raved about your work ethic and commitment to the film. Tell me, what was it like working with Scott, who's such an amazing director? Zac: Um, Scott was such a treat to work with. I was amazed by his past films [and] that was the main reason I wanted to work with him. When I met him, I was impressed with how sensitive he was, you know, I was a bit nervous when I went in there, I took it very seriously and I wanted to put in a good performance and I was nervous to play a marine, and he was very thoughtful to guide me and I was so grateful for that. Me: Now, what can I tell my boyfriend to make him want to see this film? He's not big on romantic films... Zac: Tell him if he doesn't go with you then I'm gonna take you! Check out my blog here: Twitter:!/angieharrington Facebook: