MW3 - MK14 Thermal Scope | Fallen Kill Confirmed (Modern Warfare 3)

Category: Shows, Duration: 7:14, 72820 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Ozerec on 2011-12-01T10:00:52.000Z Thumbs up for MW3 and the MK14? In Modern Warfare 3 the MK14 with Thermal is a great weapon to try using from distance. MW3 has many great long range options and although this one is not very practical for every game situation, it is very fun to use. Be sure to slap on Quickdraw to negate the slow ADS of Thermal, and run Marksman in the third tier to enhance an already great long range attack. SUBSCRIBE for more videos: MK14 on Arkaden video: Tips on Downturn video: Please remember to rate the video. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: Tags: ozerecyt ozerec mw3 "modern warfare 3" mk14 "mw3 mk14" "mw3 mk14 gameplay" "mw3 mk14 thermal" "mw3 thermal" "mw3 thermal mk14" "thermal mk14" "modern warfare 3 mk14" "modern warfare 3 mk14 gameplay" "modern warfare 3 mk14 thermal" "modern warfare 3 thermal mk14" "modern warfare 3 thermal" "mw3 thermal scope"