The Old Republic: Rescue Mission - (2015) Short Film

Category: Film & Animation, Duration: 21:12, 1473846 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Torrm Production on 2015-10-23T01:36:08.000Z Follow us: WINNER of 4 JMC Academy 2015 Martini Awards for Best Direction, Best Musical Score, Best Post-Production & Best Overall Picture! What if the only way to be a hero was to become a villain? The Old Republic: Rescue Mission is a passion project born from the idea of breaking the bounds of achievability. Begun as a small collective of individuals to soon becoming a larger team, we set out with an aim to create some of the best fan-made content ever to be based from the Star Wars Expanded Universe lore. It is an original story featuring Mission Vao and Revan, set between the events of the KOTOR game and Drew Karpyshyn's novel 'Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan'. 'A thief captured for reasons involving a galactic threat is the target of a rescue attempt by the Republic’s finest, botched by the fallen hero she had served with many years ago.' Shot in Melbourne, Australia. Starring: Stephanie Elkington, Cassandra Bleechmore & Matthew Keating. Directed by Dean Musumeci & Michael Irwin Screenplay by Kirstin McKenzie & Liam Shanahan Partners: JMC Academy, Melbourne. Oaklands Productions Sanspants Radio Australian & Asian Orchestra Inc The Mandalorian Mercs - Sandhawk Clan Thank you to our Cast, Crew, Fans & IndieGoGo Supporters! You have all helped in making this project what it is today.