Seether - Disclaimer II (2004) Full Album

Category: Music, Duration: 1:16:48, 513475 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by PAIHFarmer1998 on 2014-07-04T13:41:26.000Z Disclaimer II is the second album released by the South African alternative metal band Seether. This disc is a recompilation of the band's first album, Disclaimer, from 2002. Although the 12 tracks from the original album are present, they have been slightly remixed and differ from the original. Also, the majority of the remixed tracks feature additional lead guitar melodies with the addition of a permanent lead guitarist to the band's line-up prior to the release of the album. In Europe, the album includes four tracks more than its predecessor; in the United States, the album has eight extra tracks, some of which had been previously released on soundtracks, such as "Hang On," which had been featured on the 2003 Daredevil soundtrack and "Out of My Way," which had been featured on the soundtrack to the 2003 horror film Freddy vs. Jason. "Fine Again" also appeared on Madden NFL 2003 and 1080° Avalanche. A primary reason for the reworking of Disclaimer was the popularity of "Broken." Originally a simple acoustic ballad, it was remade into an electric, duet version with vocals by Amy Lee. This new version was originally featured on the 2004 Punisher soundtrack and had an accompanying music video. Both the US and European releases include the new rendition of "Broken," and Disclaimer II subsequently became Seether's most successful album commercially. The song "Sold Me" was used for WWE's Bad Blood pay per view, along with WWE also using "Out of My Way" as the entrance theme of Zach Gowen. The song "Take Me Away" is an acoustic version of a track from their first independent album (originally as Saron Gas), Fragile (2000). Songs in Order 1. Gasoline 0:00 2. 69 Tea 2:48 3. Fine Again 6:19 4. Needles 10:24 5. Driven Under 13:50 6. Pride 18:22 7. Sympathetic 22:29 8. Your Bore 26:39 9. Fade Away 30:37 10. Pig 34:29 11. Fuck It 37:58 12. Broken 40:54 13. Sold Me 45:07 14. Cigarettes 48:47 15. Love Her 51:58 16. Take Me Away 56:09 17. Got It Made 1:00:04 18. Out of My Way 1:05:31 19. Hang On 1:09:21 20. Broken (feat Amy Lee) 1:12:27 Songs in media Fine Again- 1080 Avalanche, Madden 2003 Sold Me- Punisher, WWE Bad Blood 2004 Theme Out of My way- WWE Zack Gowen Theme, Freddy vs Jason Hang On- Daredevil Broken ft Amy lee- Punisher