Mia Hackworth, Upper Great Lakes Regionals, 2012, Prepreliminary Girls' Qualifying Round

Category: Sports, Duration: 2:17, 2578 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Mia Hackworth on 2011-10-22T02:23:24.000Z Mia's road to Regionals consisted of a lot of hard work! In June 2011, Mia was fortunate to find a coach who has mutual dreams...train hard, love the sport and see where it can lead. She was the first coach to tell us that Mia had a lot of potential and will go as far as her hard work will lead her. So, we made the switch, and the committment, to drive to Springfield, Illinois, several times a week, carpool with the amazing Barbie Long, enroll in school a percentage of the time, and live with her coach part time. It takes a village to make a great athlete! Mia and her coach worked hard so she could get her axel so she could compete at the prepreliminary level at the 2012 Upper Great Lakes Regionals (eight states comprise the region). On 9/5/2011, still no axel, but the competition form was due, so we mailed it in, not even thinking we would make it. Anyone can go to Regionals, but Mia wanted to be competitive, and without the axel, it would have have been a mute point. 9/23/2011, 3 weeks prior to Regionals, she lands her first axel in practice! 9/30/11, 2 days before the Springfield Invitiational, she loses her axel. Completely! The morning of that competition, her coach gets in her head and the axel is back! Mia lands the first axel in competition. Then we learn she needs to land 2 at Regionals to even play in the same sandbox. Two axels, one in combination, are now in the program. And practices are looking pretty good. She is landing both, most of the time. And the competiion starts. The above is her qualfiying round at Regionals, group A, first skater out of 17 to skate (67 skaters total in her group). And you'll see it...lutz, tap toe, and a fall on the axel. We thought it was over. Her coach praised her for all her hard work but let her know that we were probably going home...most of the other girls were landing both axels. A long time later...the results! First in her qualifying round! I had to find a hotel room for one more night. I should have been more optimisitic when making the inital booking.