Underoath (Secret Show) [FULL SET] @ Crowbar 2016-3-13

Category: Music, Duration: 1:5:6, 236837 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Mike Plante on 2016-03-16T16:13:33.000Z Underoath's full set performing a secret intimate show at Crowbar in Ybor, Tampa, Florida on Sunday, March 13th, 2016. This was their first show since disbanding over three years prior. It was also the first full show with Aaron Gillespie, the final founding member. 0:00:36 Breathing In a New Mentality 0:03:42 In Regards to Myself 0:07:23 Young and Aspiring 0:11:12 There Could Be Nothing After This 0:14:18 The Blue Note 0:14:59 It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door 0:20:16 Down, Set, Go (First time ever played live) 0:26:44 A Moment Suspended in Time 0:31:14 You're Ever So Inviting 0:36:46 Reinventing Your Exit 0:43:10 A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White 0:53:43 Writing on the Walls 1:00:32 Everyone Looks So Good From Here Aaron Gillespie - drums / vocals Grant Brandell - bass Spencer Chamberlain - vocals Chris Dudley - Synthesizer James Smith - Guitar Tim McTague - Lead Guitar