A Vlogger's Disclaimer

Category: People & Blogs, Duration: 4:43, 497112 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Aaroncast86 on 2009-02-13T06:18:56.000Z PLEASE READ this video description. This is a collaborative video project started by me (Aaron, alias Aaroncast86) in the last quarter of 2008. It began as small talks between a few people. There are two purposes to this video: (1) to provide some guidance to individuals who watch vlogs and (2) to provide individuals who make vlogs with a resource that they can provide for their viewers. The goal of this video is to increase positive relationships between both viewers and vloggers, as well as decrease negative experiences of both vloggers and their viewers. Other Vlogger's featured in this video: Dan http://www.youtube.com/stotan88 Jessica http://www.youtube.com/shutupjessica Kristen http://www.youtube.com/colormekristen Gary http://www.youtube.com/anakin1814 Michelle http://www.youtube.com/anythingsarcastic Digg this video here: http://digg.com/arts_culture/A_Vlogger_s_Disclaimer