UNDEROATH "A Moment Suspended in Time" Live at Greene Street (Multi Camera)

Category: Music, Duration: 5:7, 5119 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Shoot The Moon Media on 2013-05-10T01:05:08.000Z UNDEROATH "A Moment Suspended in Time" Live at Greene Street in Greensboro, NC on May 10, 2006. ****Due to the YouTube partnership changes, ALL FULL PERFORMANCE VIDEOS will be removed from this channel on JUNE 1st 2018*** ***If there is interest in gaining access to this video plus 100 more full performances (via DropBox), please email [email protected] for more info. You would be able to view and/or download these videos at anytime!! This is a collection of the best videos from shows that I booked and filmed between 2003-2009 at Ace's Basement and Greene Street Club in Greensboro, NC. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!**** Here is the list of videos you will have access to: A DAY TO REMEMBER Oct 2 2008 AGAINST ME! Apr 2004 AGAINST ME! Nov 2004 (enhanced color version) AGAINST ME! Nov 2004 (unedited B & W version) AGAINST ME! Oct 7 2008 ALEXISONFIRE Jun 2004 ALL TIME LOW Feb 2008 AMBULETTE May 2005 ARMOR FOR SLEEP Nov 2004 AS CITIES BURN May 2005 BAYSIDE Nov 2008 BAYSIDE Mar 2006 BAYSIDE w. John Beatz Oct 2005 BEAR VS SHARK Nov 2003 BEAR VS SHARK Mar 2005 BELOVED Dec 2003 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Apr 2004 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Apr 2008 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Mar 2005 BLINDSIDE Aug 2004 BRAID Jun 2004 CARTEL Apr 2008 CHIODOS May 2006 CIRCA SURVIVE Mar 2005 CKY Oct 2009 CODESEVEN Feb 2004 CODESEVEN Feb 2005 COMEBACK KID Jul 2004 COPELAND Mar 2004 COPELAND Jul 2003 COPELAND Oct 2003 COPELAND May 2003 CRIME IN STEREO Oct 2008 DEMON HUNTER Jun 2004 DENALI May 2003 ELLIOTT May 2003 EMERY Jun 2004 ENGINE DOWN Aug 2004 ENGINE DOWN May 2004 FOUR YEAR STRONG Feb 2008 FOUR YEAR STRONG Oct 2008 GLASS CASKET Jan 2005 (members of BTBAM) HASTE THE DAY Jun 2004 HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS Jun 2004 HE IS LEGEND Aug 2005 HEY MERCEDES Oct 2003 HIT THE LIGHTS Jul 2008 HOPESFALL Oct 2004 HOPESFALL Feb 2004 HOT WATER MUSIC Nov 2003 HOUSE OF FOOLS Oct 2008 HOUSE OF FOOLS Feb 2005 IRON & WINE Oct 2003 JOSHUA RADIN Jul 2008 JUST SURRENDER Feb 2008 LOCAL H Oct 2005 LOVEDRUG Nov 2004 LUCERO Feb 2005 LUCERO Oct 2004 LYDIA Aug 2008 MAE Dec 2003 MAE Mar 2005 MAN MAN Mar 2008 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE Nov 2004 MEWITHOUTYOU Aug 2004 MIDTOWN Nov 2004 MOCK ORANGE Oct 2003 MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK May 2004 NEW FOUND GLORY Oct 2008 NEW FOUND GLORY (as Int'l Superheroes of Hardcore) Oct 2008 PIEBALD Nov 2004 PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Apr 2004 PLAY RADIO PLAY! May 2008 POISON THE WELL May 2006 PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES Mar 2004 Q and Not U May 2005 SECONHAND SERENADE Mar 2008 SILVERSTEIN Jan 2004 SILVERSTEIN Jun 2004 SMOKING POPES Mar 2006 STEEL TRAIN Aug 2008 STRETCH ARM STRONG Aug 2004 STRETCH ARM STRONG Feb 2005 TED LEO & PHARMACISTS Oct 2008 THE CHARIOT Feb 2005 THE DEAR HUNTER Aug 2008 THE GLORIA RECORD Oct 2003 THE HUSH SOUND Aug 2008 THE JEALOUS SOUND Aug 2003 THE JEALOUS SOUND Mar 2004 THE LAWRENCE ARMS Nov 2003 THE MATCHES Nov 2008 THE SPILL CANVAS Mar 2008 THESE ARMS ARE SNAMES Nov 2003 TV ON THE RADIO Mar 2004 UNDEROATH Apr 2004 UNDEROATH May 2006 VALENCIA Nov 2008 WITH HONOR Jul 2004 YELLOWCARD Mar 2008 YOU, ME and EVERYONE WE KNOW May 2008 Be sure to check out other videos on this channel!! https://www.youtube.com/Shootmedia