Cars The KING Model Kit Zvezda

Category: Entertainment, Duration: 18:58, 12246679 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Видео Для Детей on 2014-09-07T21:22:59.000Z Cars The KING Model Kit Zvezda =============================================== Also we suggest you to view the related videos on our channel: All Collection CARS Zvezda in one Video - Cars Lightning Mcqueen Zvezda - Cars Holley ShiftWell Zvezda - Cars FINN McMISSILE Zvezda - Cars Raoul CaROULE Zvezda - Cars LUIGI Zvezda - Cars SALLY Zvezda - Cars MATER Zvezda - Cars Doc Hudson Zvezda - Cars Francesco Bernoulli Zvezda - =============================================== Information about the toys in English: - Brand - Zvezda (Disney Pixar Cars) - Manufacturer of toys - Zvezda Russia - Name Toys - The KING - Age restriction - For children from 7 years - Additional Information - (Information from the official site Zvezda) "King" - one of the fastest riders in the world. McQueen's main rival in the first part of the animated film "Cars", which is not easy to overtake. =============================================== MORE VIDEO WATCH HERE WE ARE ON FACEBOOK WE ARE ON TWITTER ===============================================