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IT - Official Teaser Trailer

IT - Official Trailer 1

Dross charla con Andy Muschietti ~ Director de IT

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It, di Andrés Muschietti | RECENSIONE

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Entrevista a Andy Muschietti, director de IT 2017

Entrevista com Andrés Muschietti, diretor de It: A Coisa

'IT': Entrevista con Andrés y Bárbara Muschietti

IT (2017) Andy & Barbara Muschietti talk about their experience...


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IT Movie Interview - Andy & Barbara Muschietti

Familiares y amigos saludan a Andy Muschietti

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Crítica de IT, de Andrés Muschietti

Andres Muschietti Signs Autographs After 'It' SMASHES Box Office...

Entrevista Andrés Muschietti, director de IT

Andres Muschietti interview

San Diego Comic-Con 2017: ScareDiego IT (2017) Andrés Muschietti &...

This is the language of Jackson Robert Scott and Andres Muschietti (2)

IT - Interview with director Andrés Muschietti from Comic-Con 2017

Informe: Andy Muschietti el argentino que triunfó en Hollywood

One Shot - IT (Ça) : nos avis sur le film d'Andrés Muschietti

This is the language of Jackson Robert Scott and Andres Muschietti

"You'll float too!" | IT (2017)

Director Andrés Muschietti & Cast Talk Stephen King's 'It'

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Interview Camera A Andy Muschietti Barbara Muschietti 720p

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Andy Muschietti, director de It, haciendome un dibujo

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Andres Muschietti: IT